Wind Resource Assessment &
Wind Farm Management System

Software for wind power developers, consultants, owners and operators.

“Excellent customer service and even better software!”

- Aaron Donoghue of Impax Asset Management

“An easy to use platform that requires very little training”

- Kaj Lampton, VP of Wallenstam's Wind Power Division

“We get an overview and structure we did not have before”

- Mikko Toivanen, COO of Ilmatar

“Breeze helps us maximize returns from investments”

- Jonas Larsson, Project Manager at Jämtvind

“Breeze increases efficiency and equipment availability”

- Fredrik Svensson, Development Manager at Kraftö

Renowned companies around the globe rely on Breeze everyday to manage and monitor their wind farms and wind resource assessments.

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Webinar - Operators, Analysts & Managers

Friday December 5 we will take a look at Breeze for wind farm management from the perspectives of a wind farm Operator, Analyst and Manager. Slots are limited, so sign up now.

10:00 - 10:45 CET

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