Increase power.

Breeze wind farm management system for wind power owners and operators.
Increase uptime and imrpove energy production
Realize substantial portfolio-wide time-savings
Take targeted actions based on observed trends
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Lower uncertainty.

Breeze wind resource assessment system to manage wind measurement campaigns.
Increase data availability and data quality
Improve organization through centralizing documentation
Save time through automation of daily tasks
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Our Products

Breeze is a software system for wind farm management and wind resource assessment.

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Companies of all sizes rely on Breeze everyday for wind farm mangagement and wind resource asessment. See what they have to say.


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Webinar - Automation Techniques in WRA

Tuesday January 6 we will take a look at how Breeze Development can free up valuable time for skilled wind data analysts through enhanced automation techniques in wind resource assessment.

10:00 - 10:45 CET

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