Wind Resource Assessment & Wind Farm Management System

Software for wind power developers, consultants, owners and operators.

“Breeze solves the biggest problem in the industry”

- Frank Spencer, CEO of Emergent Energy

“An easy to use platform that requires very little training”

- Kaj Lampton, VP of Wallenstam's Wind Power Division

“We get an overview and structure we did not have before”

- Mikko Toivanen, COO of Ilmatar

“Breeze helps us maximize returns from investments”

- Jonas Larsson, Project Manager at Jämtvind

“Breeze increase efficiency and equipment availability”

- Fredrik Svensson, Development Manager at Kraftö

Breeze supports data from leading brands of Wind Turbines, LIDARs, SODARs and Met Masts.

Breeze Development

Manage your measurement campaign. Software for improving wind resource assessment organization across platforms through automation of data filtering, quality checking and report generation.

Breeze Production

Manage your wind farm investment. User-friendly, real-time analytics software to provide actionable information about wind farm performance to owners, operators, managers and analysts.